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Serama Chicks


Teeny tiny Serama chicks from our flock of show quality flocks! We have many ribbons and trophy's from showing our Serama's in open show and Table top shows.

Serama's don't breed true to size or color so you may got several different colors and sizes!

Most of our breeder pens have A and B size birds with 1 C rooster (he has such great type...just a little! Please see our "Serama" page for additional pics...we have a lot!

Chicks usually ship within 2 weeks of order being placed, we will contact you if we are backed up on orders and it will take any longer. Deposits/payment is NON refundable, unless I am unable to fill your order. Ranch pick ups are only held for up to 2 weeks.

Chicks are shipped Express mail with gro gel and/or a fruit or vegetable to help them with food and hydration for their trip. Up to 8 chicks can be shipped per chick box or you can contact me to upgrade the box size for an additional box fee. Shipping charge of $60 will be added to your order to pay for shipping.


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