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Shipping day old chicks


Shipping 4-8,  day old chicks

Includes USPS express mail shipping with $100 insurance.    

Shipping box and materials

Min order of 4 chicks, "warming" chicks may be sent with small orders.

Gro gel is fed to chicks 24 hours before shipping to help them tolerate thier journey better, also gro gel is put in the shipping box so chicks have food/water/electrolytes in one available!

We cannot transport the chicks personally, we are not responsible for them after we have shipped them.  We do add additional insurance if prior request is made to cover them in case the buyer needs to file a claim with USPS, we will not file the claim for you. We will however help with any documents needed for you to file the claim. Unfortunatly one bad apple has ruined our desire to do the claim ourselves and refund the buyer.

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