Quotes My pairs of ayam cemani arrived this morning. I am very pleased with what I got. They did an excellent job packing for shipping. All appeared fine and healthy. All appeared just like the ad said. I would recommend watsonridgeranch to anyone and have been doing just that. Excellent doing business with you. Quotes
ayam cemani

Quotes I purchased Serama Hatching Eggs from Watson Ridge Ranch, and just buy coincidence they are due to hatch on Thanksgiving Day. Imagine the fun my guests will have watching these beautiful birds hatch. Could not ask for a better Thanksgiving. Thank you Watson Ridge Ranch :) Quotes
Serama Hatching Eggs

Quotes A year ago I won a batch of 6 Paint Silkie Hatchings Eggs from Watson Ridge Ranch and was VERY happy with the chicks that hatched, a paint and two white with the paint genes. My WRR Paint rooster has produced beautiful Paint chicks as well as solid white and solid black chicks. I recommend anyone who is looking to add this new breed of Silkie to their flocks to buy from Watson Ridge Ranch. I am one satisfied customer!!! :) Quotes

Quotes Just wanted to let everyone know that I had a great hatch. I ordered 12 silverlaced wyandotte eggs and 8 of the twelve hatced. They shipped perfectly wrapped and arrived in a very timely manner. I would surely do business with you again. LInda in Louisiana Quotes
Linda Yantis
Out of state customer

Quotes thank you got some very nice babies out of both batches . bev Quotes
Beverly Bockelman

Quotes I brought my silkie home yesterday and today we are inseparable! I love it so much! Such a sweet heart and so full of health! Dawn was very friendly and full of knowledge about ALL of her birds! And what a gorgeous stock of them she had! I would definitly recommend her birds. I may even buy from her again if I have need of another bird. I will be wanting another silkie soon though LOL But a white one would be nice :) Sinatra and I thank you Dawn! (Oh and my husband is even talking about getting another silkie already Hehe) Quotes
Tami Rivera
Sinatra The Blue Silkie