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6 ULTRA RARE ~ LAVENDER laced split Silver laced ENGLISH Orpington hatchable eggs


6 ULTRA RARE ~ LAVENDER LACED split to Silver laced ENGLISH Orpington hatchable eggs!

This is a new color in the Orpington world and it has brought us back to Orpingtons again, we had Lavender Orpingtons for many years but the quality of the American Orpingtons was not what we wanted, we have FINALLY found HIGH QUALITY Lavender laced and Silver laced split to Lavender laced ENGLISH Orpingtons...our incubators are FULL TO THE we are offering some of these RARE BEAUTIES for sale for a LIMITED TIME!

PICK UP is available, we are located in Kempner, TX.  Please emai me if you would like to order eggs to be picked up.

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